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COMENIUS Project - Multilateral Project "Sustainable School Indicators" 2012-2014
COMENIUS Project "United in Cultural Diversity" 2008-2010
Bilateral Partnership "Cultural European Identity - TR.EU.RO." 2010-2012
Multicultural Partnership "Understanding our Environment" 2010-2012

COMENIUS Project "United in Cultural Diversity" 2008-2010
First meeting - Craiova, Romania

Between 3 to 9 November 2008, School Nr. 37 "Mihai Eminescu" hosted the first meeting of the Comenius project "United in Cultural Diversity", a project included in the European agenda "lifelong learning - Multilateral projects.

5 schools participated in partner countries: Girs Ralleia Pilot School in Pireaus, Greece; school master - School Nr. 37 "Mihai Eminescu" din Craiova, Dolj, the upper and Secondary Education Complex Nr. 6 of Gdansk, Poland; School "Ivan Vayov" in Sopot Bulgaria and Tekel Ilko Gltim Okolu of Nzip, Turkey.

The project develops over 2 years, from 2008 to 2010 and aims to multilateral cooperation between the schools, to increase understanding of European dimension of education by strengthening intercultural dialogue, deepen foreign languages and their use as a means of communication. A very important aspect of the project is the opportunity for teachers to exchange experience including in terms of teaching methods, teaching materials and examples of good practice.

Throughout the week, the 12 teachers and 9 students who, along with students and teachers from School. 37 "Mihai Eminescu" through a sustained program of work, were able to participate in work sessions related to project management, but also to know aspects of geographical, historical and cultural, local and national to participate in activities.

Finally, Ms. Cirtu Forestry Department, coordinator of the project team in Romania handed over the meeting of project participants certificates of participation, acting in this festive framework, in the presence of students, parents and teachers at University House Craiova.
The second meeting - Gdansk, Poland

Between April 28 to May 5, 2009, the second meeting took place in the project Multilateral Cultural Diversity United in Gdansk Poland. The host was Szkola Podstawowa No 19 Gimnazjum nr 7 im. Ludzie Zasluzonych Morza - Gdansk - Pomorskie, Poland. We were met at the airport by students and teachers with the Romanian flag. We explained that this flag was sewn by the students themselves.

Our students were warmly received by Polish students participating in the project. The program was loaded, diverse and very interesting: I visited the school, I visited the cities of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot-three cities gathered in one city ", Trojmiasto. GDANSK is the provincial capital Polish "Pomeorze" and is situated at the mouth of the Vistula river Baltic Much of the industrial centers of the city are built on shipping and navigation industry in general. The city has two areas Portuale. Old "Nowy Port is a major center for shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, wood processing industry and food industry. New Port "Ponocny, or" North Por ", is the largest maritime development projects. Serves the export of coal and petroleum imports. Gdansk has schools of medicine, engineering and fine arts. University of Gdansk was opened in 1970. We also have see in Gdansk many beautiful churches, museums, theaters, gardens, a maritime center, a concert hall and opera house.

Center, known as "Stare Miasto or Old Town Motlawa stretched along the river, which flows into the Vistula river. The most notable buildings in the old town are St. Catherine's Church with the interior built in Gothic style. City Hall was built between 1587 and 1595. At the entrance you can see a bronze bas-relief depicting the seventeenth-century Polish astronomer, Hevelius. Suffered great destruction in World War II, the building was restored.

I spent a memorable day in the Nautical Center of Gdansk, where students from the project have participated in games and contests on the beach. I visited Malbork castle, built in Prussia by the Teutonic Knights. Castle is a classic example of a medieval fortress and is the largest brick gothic castle in the world.

During the meeting, each delegation presented products made in the areas set out in the first meeting of the project.

Important meetings in the project:
• Meeting with the Mayor of Gdansk
• Meeting with former Polish President Lech Vales.

Important VISIT:
• "Great Crane"
• "Maritime Museum"
• "Town Hall"
• "Three Crosses Monument"
• "Gdansk University of Technology"
• "St. Mary's Church"
• "Royal Way"
• "Court of the Fraternity of St. George"
• "National Art Museum"
• "Archaeological Museum (Muzeul de Arheologie)"
• "Fortress of the Vistula River Mouth"
• "Neptune's Fountain"
• "Mariacka Street"
• "St. Catherine's Church"
Arriving Gdansk centrul turistic Szimbark. delegatia sc 37
intalnire cu Lech Valesa plimbare cu iola Szimbark - dans si voie buna
Third meeting of project - Nizip, Turcia

Between 13- 19 November was held the third meeting on the project on Cultural Diversity held in United Tekel Okulu Nizip school in Turkey.

We were met at the Airport by Director School students accompanied by their parents.

Students Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece in the project were accommodated in families of Turkish students.

The Romanian delegation participating students: Radu Laurentiu, Marinescu Catalina and Troaca Ana-Maria, accompanied by teachers Miala Rodica and Silvia Cartu

The hosts were very welcoming and the program was attractive and loaded.

School, high, contained about 5,000 students from an early age to 14 years. The classes were around 45-50 students enrolled. They were more common types corresponding to the three levels of study.

Nizip-Gaziantep is located near the border with Syria

The city worth visiting for the multitude of ruins, archaeological sites, museums, ancient monuments and cultural areas protected proving the existence of human settlements in this area 4,000 years.

Gaziantep is the ancient name of the city is also called Dolichos Aintab.In antiquity.

Gaziantep is an important trade (trade with pistachios)

On the cultural and historical journey in a Gaziantep worth every effort.

Tourist attractions visited:
• Gaziantep Castle
• Museum of Archeology
• Gaziantep Zoo
• Antakya city, a large city on the Mediterranean shore located in Southern Turkey. Anche city called in antiquity, ancient belonged to Syria today is in the province of Hatay.
• We visited the old city Antakya. In the foothills of the Taurus was a miracle that represent the Virgin Mary carved by forces of nature in stone.
• Cruising on the Euphrates (Firat). The river is the most famous of the 2 main arteries that define the Mesopotamia basin.
• Rum Kale fortress. Rum Kale Fortress was built by asurieni ninth century B
Antakya Cetatea Rum Kale de vorba cu elevii in fata scolii gazda
orasul Nizip primirea calduroasa de la aeroport
The fifth meeting of the United multicultural project in Cultural Diversity - Piraeus, Greek

2010, May
Greek city of Piraeus was a welcoming host students and teachers from schools involved in the project.

Romanian participants group was composed of four teachers: Silvia cartridge our school director, Mitran Raluca Cristina Enache, Rodica Miala and students: Mitran Theodora, Magureanu Raluca Adriana and rent.

Activities in the four days included an exchange of experience school inclusion in the analysis activities in the two years of project and final presentation made by each school. Children participated in classes with students who have been hosts, learned songs and dances specific to other countries.

The meeting was crowned with a beautiful artistic performance presented by the hosts and guests in front of an enthusiastic audience composed of parents and city officials.
Mihai Eminescu
(n. 15 ianuarie 1850, Botosani sau Ipotesti, d. 15 iunie 1889, Bucuresti) a fost un poet, prozator si jurnalist roman, socotit de cititorii romani si de critica literara drept cel mai important scriitor romantic din literatura romana, supranumit si "luceafarul poeziei romanesti".
    Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Dolj
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